Probate and letters of administration

  • A Grant of Probate is required to deal with all assets and liabilities of a deceased person. Following a death Probate is needed to access Bank Accounts, sell or transfer property to beneficiaries named in the Will, pay liabilities and complete the Estate of the deceased.
  • Letters of Administration are similar to a Grant of Probate and arise if there is no Will or no Executors appointed.
  • In effect, a Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration are an authority issued from the High Court Probate Division which allows the Executors and Administrators sign all documents that the deceased would have had power to sign.
  • The Solicitors role in a Probate/Administration is to work with the family and Executors and Administrators to complete the Estate as quickly and efficiently as possible in a sympathetic and helpful way.
  • Our experience helps in finding and realising all assets, advising in relation to Capital Acquisitions Tax and protecting the Executor against claims whether from beneficiaries, Social Welfare in respect of State pensions or relatives not named in the Will.

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