Commercial & Company law

Commercial Agreements

We give expert advice and assist our clients in agreeing terms for the following types of agreements:

  • Share Purchase Agreements;
  • Shareholders Agreements;
  • Agency Agreements;
  • Franchise Agreements;
  • Distribution Agreements;
  • Co-ownership Agreements.

Company formation / Restructuring

We advise our clients in respect of the options for company formation and restructuring to include:-

  • Private Limited Liability Company;
  • Single Member Company;
  • Public Limited Company;
  • Unlimited Company;
  • Company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital;
  • Private Company limited by guarantee and having a share capital;
  • External Company.

Commercial Lending

We assist our clients in securing commercial lending and dealing with all lending institutions requirements to ensure registration of their interest.

Directors Duties

We advise our clients on their directors’ duties under Irish law. The Director of Corporate Enforcement ensures compliance with relevant legislation by company directors and ignorance of the law is no defence if found guilty of an offence.

Corporate Governance

We ensure our clients are aware of the variety of components which make up corporate governance and its benefits to Irish companies. Corporate Governance is extremely significant development in Irish company law and requires expert advice on systems and best practice.

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