Notary Public

An Irish Notary Public is appointed by the Chief Justice and is empowered to carry out various functions including:-

  • Attest signatures on various documents for commercial and Court use abroad.
  • Witness Powers of Attorney for the sale, purchase and mortgage of property abroad.
  • Certify copy documents for use abroad.
  • Attest documents for foreign adoptions.

Points to note:-

  • With two Notaries Public in the firm we ensure maximum availability and convenience for our clients.
  • An appointment should be made.
  • When calling proof of identity is essential:-
    • Photo ID, ideally original Passport
    • Proof of address, two utility bills or bank statements issued within the last three months.
  • Documents to be presented for notarisation must be 100% complete with no gaps or blanks.
  • It is a matter for the client to ensure that they understand the document before arriving at our office. The Notary’s function does not involve explaining or advising in relation to the document.
  • Foreign language documents can be signed before the Notary, even though the Notary does not understand the language, provided the client confirms that the document has been explained to them by a trust adviser and is understood by them.
  • An Apostille may be necessary. This is a certificate by the Dept. of Justice stamped on the back of the document confirming the notary’s seal and signature

Both Tony O’Beirne and Alan Wallace are registered with all embassies in Ireland.

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