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Competition Law

Procurement Law regarding Competition

In the context of Procurement Law quite often, issues arise in respect of Competition Law to be considered. The Competition  Authority of Ireland has assessed dominance in the market place by the following factors:-

(a)  The market share of the allegedly dominant firm / undertaking relative to its competitors, both current and past levels

(b)  Barriers to entry.

(c)   Barriers to expansion.

(d)  Customer switching costs.

(e)  Ability of the allegedly dominant firm / undertaking to act independently of its competitors

(f)    Countervailing buyer power.


  • If you are aggrieved in respect of a dominant undertakings actions or anti competitive arrangements that apply then you should seek our advice as soon as possible.


  • A right of action exists in both the Circuit Court or The High Court for breaches of section 4 and / or Section 5 of the Competition Act 2002.


  • A successful challenger may be entitled to an injunction, a declaration and / or damages including exemplary damages.


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